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Host Nations Trucking


AFGS and its subsidiary Afghan First Trucking Company provide essential cargo transportation of services as a subcontractor for the U.S. DOD at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan under both the Bagram Line Haul BPA and Host Nation Trucking IDIQ. Goods are delivered to major operational centers and remote FOBs throughout the country using a modern fleet of heavy duty trucks. AFGS currently runs a fleet of 145 heavy duty fuel tankers and dry goods trucks, with 100 more trucks expected to be delivered from the US in the next 30 days.

Under an innovative local operating structure, AFGS rapidly mobilized and established an Afghan-managed company that employs carefully vetted local drivers, operations personnel and security staff. Our local company empowers its Afghan employees through a profit-sharing incentive program.

Delivering US military cargo in Afghanistan to locations that are often insecure and remote is a significant challenge that requires careful planning, coordination and communication. AFGS has met this challenge by employing Afghan staff aware of local operating constraints and requirements. This local knowledge, coupled with the application of a sophisticated, real time, electronic fleet tracking systems with emergency alert subsystem, has enabled AFGS to operate safely and effectively.

AFGS built and operates a large depot capable of housing approximately 400 personnel, including expats, local drivers and security personnel. It includes parking area for approximately 90 trucks, a three bay maintenance facility, offices and our modern operations center. The depot is being expanded to a second location which, with an additional 10 maintenance bays, offices, and parking for over 100 trucks, which will greatly enhance the current capabilities.