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Kabul Surveillance System


As a subcontractor to ANHAM, AFGS personnel installed a complete surveillance system for the Ministry of Interior, operated in conjunction with the Kabul City Police to conduct overlapping road surveillance of a major thoroughfare - Jalalabad road in Kabul. The system also covers major adjoining circles and intersections with special emphasis on entrances to camps and installations along the route.

The camera surveillance system consists of 42 cameras and an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to identify and directly intercept and/or apprehend suspect vehicles or personnel identified by the ANPR system. All system data is transmitted through an extensive microwave backhaul network that ensures reliable control of the cameras and receipt of images and has designed triple city, generator and battery back-up power reliability system. AFGS trained MOI personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system, and MOI has initiated 24-hour operations in the control room. AFGS is providing continued technical one O&M support for the full system (power, microwave, cameras, servers, storage systems and operator terminals. In addition, the system features the intelligence-based management information system: MEMEX. MEMEX offers powerful software solutions for managing intelligence products. This software enables users to predict, prevent and respond to threats in real time. It assists in uncovering facts, comparing information and discovering patterns.